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We helped over 1200 entrepreneurs start their own business since 2011.
Our photo booths have taken over 10 Million Photos of smiling faces around the world and generated tens of millions of dollars of revenue for our customers.

Thanks for an amazing 7 years and we wish you continued success and freedom.
Mike Hansen & Mike Tecku

Which photo booth style do brides want?

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High Converting Customizable Websites

Your new photo booth business needs to not only have an online presence, but be effective at lead capture.

These new websites have been effective at capturing up to 50% of all leads from google adwords. The industry standard is 5% for a regular website. That means you get 10 Times more leads!

We’ll customize a website for you with your brand and contact information. We even maintain your website for you with up to 1 hour of changes a month.

Social Media Smart Booths... Genius Booths

Your clients want their  photos on their phones.

Our super smart program collects your clients emails right in the booth.

Photos are instantly on their phone ready to be Tweeted, Facebooked, Pintrested, and whatever else those kids do. Wifi/internet connection required.

Free Business Training

Whether you're an experienced wedding DJ, Photographer, or a first time entrepreneur, we have a business plan that works! Our online training videos guide you through online marketing setup (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads), Automatic Email Responders (Respond to customers for you), Contracts, Sales tips, and more. We put everything we learned from our successful rental business into this training so you have all the tools and tricks we've used for our success at your finger tips.

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Sleek and Sexy Design

Your clients don't want an eye sore at their event.

Our award winning designer Peter Gerdes made this booth stunning yet classic.

Choose it in Tuxedo Black or Pearl White.


“Just did my first gig. I was able to book the event even before I received the Photo Booth. The ability to choose a stand up or a sit down is an incredible feature that I didn’t see anywhere else. The photo booth is built very well and looks beautiful and the quality of the pictures are nothing like I’ve seen with any other photo booth. 


Dustin Maher Fit Mom's For Life


“Ran my first event with the Photo Booth this past Saturday. Loved how fast setup was and the flexibility of converting the Booth from a sit down to stand up was awesome. I was able to fit 18 kids into one picture and the Mom loved it! Definitely recommend Famous Photo Booths.”


Eric Sanchez

Lightning Fast Setup

You never are late for anything right? Never get lost or get stuck in traffic... sure.

A lot of booths can take up to 45 minutes to setup, and if you're already  running late you are in trouble.

Famous Photo Booths Setup is less then 5 minutes so there's never any reason to get stressed.

Photo Booths for Dummies

So you're not a computer geek. No problem, go ahead and hit the easy button.

We have step by step videos that make everything so easy that even a cave man could do it.

I still can’t believe how much my customers love this booth. This was the most profitable up-sell I’ve ever added to my DJ company.
John Davids

Just A Few More Awesome Perks 

  • Built in Customized Graphic Editor

    No need for Photo Shop. Make Custom graphics and screens easily and on the fly right in the photo booth.

  • Face Detection

    The only software that knows how many people are in the booth and can automatically print out the correct number of photo strips.

  • Email photos instantly to a phone

    Clients can effortlessly email their photos right to their phone.

  • Free Software Updates

    Stay ahead of the competition and have the most advanced cutting edge photo booth with our free software updates.

  • No Fees or Contracts

    Own 100% of your company and booth. No franchise fees, equipment fees, hidden fees, no joke.

  • 1 on 1 American Tech Support

    Our team is here to help on the phone, email, and instant chat.

The famous photo booth package includes the following:

  • A Famous Photo Booth - Complete photo booth system
  • Pre-Installed Darkroom Photo Booth Software
  • Brava 21 Dye Sublimation Printer
  • Dell Inspiron 20" Touch Screen Computer
  • Canon T5 DSLR Camera
  • Customizable Software Screens
  • Integrated electronics fan for components
  • Industrial hard wired surge protector
  • Built in wheels for easy mobility
  • Dent Resistant Edges
  • CFL lighting

The Industry Leaders in Support

Being the largest company in the portable photo booth industry has its perks! We have a team of people dedicated to your success, technical support, and making sure you're comfortable with your new booth.

  • 1 on 1 Orientation Walk-through to get you familiar with your booth
  • Weekday Support M-F, 9-5PM
  • Online Training and Support Videos
  • User Manual with any issue you may experience solved in a few easy steps.


Enjoy these amazing bonuses for a limited time

Custom designed photo booth screen layouts created by a professional graphic designer ($197.00 Value)

Add a Free Standing Backdrop

Style your photo booth with a freestanding backdrop. Easily change backdrop colors and even use a green screen with this simple setup your guests will love.

Includes - Three CFL bulbs 45 watt/5000k, Two White 32" Umbrellas, Three AC Adapters, Three backdrops (White, Black, and Green), One support system, 2 light stands, and 1 mini light stand.


Add a Wrinkle Free Instant Canopy

What happens in the booth stays in the booth! Give your clients the privacy they're looking for.

Convert your photo booth to a sit down style photo booth with this wrinkle free instant up canopy. Sets up in seconds and adds class to any event. Sewn by a professional seamstress here in Wisconsin.

Includes: Wrinkle free instant up canopy, 2 white translucent doors, red velvet backdrop, and our premium studio lighting kit.


Add a turnkey website at the domain of your choice

Have your own website designer?  That's great!

If not, we offer a turnkey website at the domain of your choice that will help you convert visitors into warm leads in your inbox.

Please ask one of our reps for more details.

Brides are booking photo booths for their weddings up to a year in advance. No need to wait for the wedding season to begin. You're missing out on booking those events now.

Let's Recap

  • Convertible Photo Booth - Give brides exactly what they want
  • Portability - Fits inside the vehicle you already own
  • Amazing Photo Quality - Lets you charge more for your rentals
  • Online training videos to get you setup fast
  • Limited Time Bonus- Free custom screens

By now you should understand why a Famous Photo Booth will save you time and make you more money.

The next step is contact us and we'll answer any remaining questions you have or get you started.


  • q-iconHow do you rent a photo booth?

    Photo booths are usually rented to weddings, parties, and corporate events. Generally you would advertise your photo booth with online marketing (google/facebook) and/or partner with DJ’s and wedding planners. It is really important to have a nice website geared towards collecting information of your visitors. This will help you book more events.

  • q-iconWhat are my expenses?

    Photo booth expenses are extremely low. This is why photo booths are such a profitable industry. Many photo booth owners charge over $1000 for a 4 hour rental.

    Your expenses for a 4 hour event will be paper and ink (~$25), a photo album (~$18), and any advertising costs.

    On a $1000 event, we usually yield over $850 profit.

  • q-iconDo I need a website?


    Whether you use our tested and proven website or you build your own, you must have a website. Ideally you want customers that come to your website to fill out a form to see if their event date is available. This way you get their contact information and event date and can provide them with a quote via email. We highly recommend setting up an email auto-responder such as Aweber.

  • q-iconI drive a Jetta, will the booth fit in my car?

    Yes. The Famous Photo Booth will fit inside any 4 door car. It breaks down into 3 pieces and can fit just about anywhere!

  • q-iconI'm a 100lb female, can I move the booth around?

    Yes. We’ve designed the photo booth so that every piece is 45 pounds or less. Even the printer is easily removable to make lifting the heaviest bottom box lighter.

  • q-iconWhen is the Best Time to Start a Photo Booth Business?

    The great thing about the Photo Booth industry is that you’re not limited to only Weddings, which can be seasonal depending on your location. Corporate Events, Holiday Gatherings, Birthday Parties, High School Proms, Fundraisers, Sweet 16’s, and Quinceañera’s are just a few of the different events that will want to book your Photo Booth. Brides generally book their Photo Booths in the early Spring, so that is always a great time to have your new Booth ready to launch!

  • q-iconDoes the Famous booth do social media?

    The Famous booth does social media in an easy way. Users can email themselves their photos from the photo booth. Internet required at the event or it will queue them up for uploading later when you have internet.

  • q-iconDo you offer technical support?


    We have technical support available Monday through Friday from 9-5PM CST.  Our support page can guide you through any technical issues or questions you may have.

Still have questions or want some more info on the photo booth market?

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